Squad Alpha 9.5 hotfix has been released

Squad Alpha 9.5 hotfix has been released


  • Pak file repackage
    Changed the way PAK files work, Squad will not need 20+ GB free on the hard drive to update any longer.
    Note: The current update will still require a large buffer, but in new updates, this will be much smaller.
  • Admin Force team change
    Added an admin command to force switch someone to the other team.
    AdminForceTeamChange “name” and AdminForceTeamChangeById <ID>
    Permissions in Admins.cfg: forceteamchange
  • Fixed an issue where you could not lean in certain areas of the map on Gorodok and Al Basrah. (Some cap zones most common)
  • Added the possibility to give a user the ability to write to admins with “ChatToAdmin” but prevent them from reading it with “CantSeeAdminChat”
  • Fixed an issue where Fools Road Fortress flag had severe map issues. Tweaked tree collisions.
  • Admin cam now shows FOB and Rally Points.
  • Fixed an issue where mortar HUD would get stuck if FOB was removed while players were sitting on it.
  • Fixed BTR-82A single fire sound sounding like several shots or cutting out.
  • Sumari Optimization Pass.
  • Logar Optimization Pass.
  • Fixed RCON working for Linux.
  • Removed expiring timer for Mines and IEDs.
  • Added speed indicator for vehicles.
  • Improved SVD’s standing accuracy substantially, also improved crouch and prone as long as the target is almost level to the player. High elevation differences in targets improved but still bugged.
  • Corrected tickets for invaders/defenders on Yehorivka Invasion
  • Fixed Strykers not taking damage when on fire.
  • Fixed RKG-3 grenades not doing damage or working.
  • Added mortar reload sound.
  • Tweaked vehicle zooming in/out sound.
  • Added more sound effects when sprinting.
  • Tweaked animations for IED and Mine.
  • Tweaked Mortar impact blast wave effect.
  • Tweaked Mortar muzzle effect.
  • Tweaked gun muzzle shockwave grit effect.
  • Improved particle refinement for Mortar/IED/Mine.
  • Added larger water explosion for Tandem RPG and Mortar.
  • New MTLB variants minimap icon.
  • Map grid readability improvements.
  • Fixed an engine bug causing erratic suspension responses on certain vehicle wheel collisions. (aka do-a-barrel-role bug)
  • Fixed a server crash related to a high number of players in the ​​​​​​​queue on map change.


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