Military Charity Event Kicks Off This Weekend!

Military Charity Event Kicks Off This Weekend!

The day we’ve all been waiting for is almost here! This weekend we’ll be Squading up for a bigger and better cause as teams red and blue face-off against one another to represent their respective Operation Supply Drop and Stack-Up charities. This event is special in many ways due to several military veterans (active/in-active) will be participating from across the globe in a mixed community Squad battle. Players from different clans, communities and countries will be pairing up to bring home the gold for their military charity and it will all be captured live via partnered Twitch. Level Gaming would like to thank all the participants in advance for making this happen and being apart of this special event. Without all of you and this amazing Squad Community, this wouldn’t have been possible. Now get ready to throw-down!


Date: July 15th, 1 pm EST start time (12:30 pm in discord for participants)

Charity Pool: Level Gaming will be donating $400 of their personal money for the charity pool. 1st – 75% of pool / 2nd – 25% of pool

Additional charity donations: **or if you feel the urge to donate to any other military charity, that’s just as awesome!**

Teams: Red Team (Stack Up) vs Blue Team (Operation Supply Drop)

Captains: ΣT | Bmillz (red) vs T//A W00t (blue)

Maps: Narva PAAS v1 & Logar Valley AAS v1

Game mode: 40v40 AAS



  • Two cap rush rule – Teams must capture their first two objectives before they’re allowed to advance to any flags or location past their 2nd flag. **Failure to comply will result in a 150 ticket deduction to the team and a map restart**
  • Players are required to wear their respective [RED] and [BLUE] clan tags in-game for simple organization.
  • 10-15 minute break between rounds to allow for player swapping and team discussion.
  • 2 rounds per map. (swap sides) The team with the most round victories, wins. (or most tickets in the event of a tie)


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