40v40 Season Rules


We at Level Gaming expect every player to show respect towards their teammates, opponents, and the admin staff. If you cannot get along with members of the community, we will ask that you leave. This extends to acting this way outside of Level Gaming.


Integrity is the number one value here at Level. There is no excuse for anything that breaks that value.

Fair Play

  • No hacking.
  • No cheating.
  • No exploiting.


Each player is to have their associated team’s tags (Red/Blue or your respective team name abbreviation).

Each player is required to be in his/her respected squad’s Discord/Teamspeak channel. We recommend being on at least 30 minutes prior to battle time.

Failure to follow these rules may result in the player being kicked from the server.

Battle start

The first round will begin exactly as scheduled unless the Battle Admins say otherwise.

Check the timeline on the season page for when the battle starts in your local time.

Round start

A round is considered live only if LIVE is posted 3 times in chat by a Battle Admin at the beginning of the round.


Between each round there will be at least a 5 minute break and at most a 10 minute break. (We will go live earlier than 10 minutes if both team’s leaders signal that they are ready).


All-chat is not to be used during a live round other than during the round countdown for purposes of GL&HF and GG after a round has ended. Players will be kicked at any other point.

All-chat is allowed for players during intermissions and is always allowed for Moderators and Battle Admins.

Stream Sniping

Monitoring another players stream perspective or event cast during a live round is prohibited. We encourage players to live stream their perspective but recommend a delay of at least 15 minutes be added to minimize the potential of competitors using it to their advantage.

The Moderators and Battle Admins reserve the right to take action on severe, previously unconsidered exploits/bug abuses, if necessary.

Server crashes (including DDOS)

If one team has lost 50% or more of their starting ticket count, then the winner of the current round will be the team with the larger ticket count.

If neither team has lost 50% or more of their starting ticket count, then the round will be replayed.

If it is decided that an attempt can be made to restart or switch to a different server, the battle will proceed as normal.

Team agreements

The rules about battle contingencies may be overruled if and only if the team leaders of both teams agree on taking a specific action. For example, if both teams’ leaders agree that a round is unplayable, a round restart or server restart will take place as per the teams’ decision. If no agreement can be made the actions outlined above will be made instead.