Per request from the community and due to the high demand to load into our servers – we’ve implemented a white list system for all of our public servers. By donating $5 a month, you will gain access to a reserved slot that will fling you to the front of the queue line and increase your pew pew time. Not only will you be minimizing your wait but ultimately your support will assist us with the operational costs of servers. We’ve recently upgraded to a high-end dedicated server which will ensure that you’re playing on the most stable Squad server on the browser. This will provide you and our community with the best performance experience for both pubbing and all the organized events/tournaments that we offer to the public.

Should you decide to donate, please include your Discord username and your steam64 id in the donation notes so we can provide your reserved slot and patron access as quickly as possible.

White List Access

No queue lines or waiting when connecting to the server.

Premium Quality

For only $5 / month you’re supporting both the public server and all Level Gaming related events with top of the line servers.

Level Patron

Access to the Discord patron-only channel and group.

Discount Bin

$5 – 1 month white list

$25 – 6 month white list

$45 – 1 year white list