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Can I sign up by myself? Yes, you aren’t required to field a certain amount of players to fill a squad or team.

Can I sign up as a group? Yes, if you have friends or teammates that are interested in playing, we will do our best to place you on the same team if you wish.

When are the battles? Battles are every Saturday starting at 3PM eastern. 

How long is a season and when does it end? Seasons can last up to 7 weeks. The season ends when a team reaches the point threshold of 11 points.

How do I know what team I’m on? We use discord roles to assign you to a team. You can find this by finding your name under the team role list on the right panel of Discord.

How long are the battles? We play one map (2 rounds) every Saturday. These equate to ~1.5 – 2 hours

Where is the battle server located and can non-NA players participate? Currently the servers are located in Dallas and New York. Yes, if you’re an EU or SA player, you’re eligible to play.

The server only holds 40 players per team, why are there more than 40 players assigned to a team? Because the season lasts over the course of 2 months, players will not always be available to play due to real life activities or commitments. Having an overflow of players ensures that when a player isn’t able to make it on battleday, there’s a reserve to fill their slot in the server. This allows flexibility if you can’t make a few battles but still want to compete in the tournament.

What map are we playing this week and what’s the score? All the maps and scores are posted up under the season nav button.

How do I become more active in the community and make friends? Level currently has a licensed public server that many of the community members play on. This is a great place to make new friends and learn some new tricks.