Public Server Rules

Please report problems to #squad-server-report and tag @Squad Admin. Player reports should be in the following format:

@Squad Admin [Player Name] [What offense is committed] on [Team and Squad] EX: @Squad Admin johndoe Mass Team Killing on US Squad 2 If able, please grab a screenshot or video for proof to have admins react faster.

While seeding the server (to populate a server with players), please fight over the middle of the map. Please do not dig up or attack enemy HABs meanwhile. Only use vehicles for transport. Once server population surpasses 40 players, teams are free to press forward and capture flags.

1. Do not team kill.
2. If you are Squad Leading you MUST have the microphone and use it. SLs also much have the squad lead kit. No one man locked squads unless approved by admin.
3. No hacking, cheating, exploiting, glitching, or any other abuse of game features that gives player advantage.
4. Racism, malicious comments, false impersonations, and misuse of any clan or admin tags will not be tolerated.
5. Respect all players and admins.
6. No mic spamming, trolling, or griefing of any kind. Toxicity is not tolerated.
7. Maintain fair play, even teams when needed.
8. Do not advertise for other servers or organizations within Level servers.
9. Do not camp enemy main bases. Please listen to Admins when asked to back off enemy main.
10. You can be banned for having too many VAC bans or too recent of VAC bans, please appeal if needed in #squad-server-appeals.

AFK players will be removed after 10 minutes if prior notice of going AFK is not given.

Violations of rules can result in a permanent ban from all Level servers without warning. Ban appeals may be made on Discord under #squad-server-appeals.